Auto Bodyworx – VW Transformation

At Auto Bodyworx, we bring the best in car customisation and body repair. We deal with everything from bumper scuffs to large dent repairs and full resprays; alloy wheel refurbishment; paintwork scratches; and colour correction. we are also a car dip uk authorised to install for their peel-able rubber coating. We believe our prices are affordable, with quality being our top priority.

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Auto Bodyworx – VW Transformation


Mindsweep Media is a Midlands based video production company, established in 2014. They tailor their style and approach¬†no matter how diverse the needs of their clients. It’s important for them to take on delicate and obscure projects..

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Simple, to the point. Easy direction and quick to amend any discrepancies. Top man!

Julia Negus


Mindsweep Media
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