The Pod Coventry – Cafe Takeover

The Pod as both a mental health resource and creative hub has a multifaceted remit; a common strand is that all facets either implicitly or explicitly aim to build individual and /or organisational capacity for creativity, innovation and resilience.

The Food Union is here, and it means business. We live by the idea that the community which cooks together, stays together. So that’s where we’re starting. Come down, cook, connect, and savour the aromas of a gastro-communal sensation in the making!

The Brook Farm Shop Ethos
Warwickshire has a rich, rural landscape which grazes livestock, raises poultry and grows lots of lovely fresh produce. But where can you buy local/organic vegetables, sacks of potatoes, meat, Kenilworth free range eggs and artisan cheeses any day of the week?

Video Produced by Mindsweep Media

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The Pod Coventry – Cafe Takeover


Mindsweep Media is a Midlands based video production company, established in 2014. They tailor their style and approach¬†no matter how diverse the needs of their clients. It’s important for them to take on delicate and obscure projects..

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Good lad, we love using him, he works for what we need. Simple.

Lee Faul


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